Mini Dental Implants

Are you interested in implant dentistry but a traditional implant is not feasible?

For most people suffering with the inconvenience of removable dentures or the embarrassment of missing teeth, traditional dental implant surgery is a viable option with high success rates. However, there are some cases where mini dental implants are a better choice for both economic and health purposes.

Mini dental implants, also known as small diameter dental implants, are teeth implants with a diameter less than three millimeters. They are most often used to secure removable lower jaw dentures but may also be used for single crowns and replacement teeth. Mini implants are a useful alternative to traditional tooth implants when the candidate for surgery is seeking a lower cost option or lacks sufficient bone and/or gum tissue to secure a larger diameter implant.

Typically, mini implants cost less than half the price of traditional larger implants and can be priced as low as a quarter of the cost. In addition, the decreased operation and recovery time associated with mini implants makes them a less expensive alternative to conventional implants.

Mini dental implants are also often chosen for elderly patients who lack the necessary bone and gum tissue to secure a larger implant and would thus require bone grafting surgery. Because mini implants do not generally require a bone graft, unnecessary risks and complications associated with major surgery for elderly patients, in particular, can be avoided when this option is selected.

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